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Measure for Impact - MfI is Sierra Leone's first non-governmental organization comprising of enumerators and evaluators dedicated to ensuring national data availability and access, increased awareness on data use, and enhance the M&E capacity of a developing country struggling with basic social services delivery as a result of its poor status and accountability issues. Our mission is to meaningfully contribute to providing better data for socio-economic development decisions in Sierra Leone. Based in Sierra Leone with its headquarters in Freetown, we reach out to every district, chiefdom, cities, towns, and villages to gather data, conduct interviews, and reviews through our professionally diligent staff using grassroots approach, recent advanced technologies, and innovative methods to ascertain facts.  


Avail timely and accurate data | Increase data access and use | Enhance the country's M&E capacity



Through consultancy and partnership with other organisations, academic and data producing institutions, we use advanced technologies, innovative methods to collect, process and disseminate credible and valid data that answers research questions, addresses evaluation needs, benchmark progress and tell stories. With available opportunities, our goal is to strengthen the country's data capacity by contributing to credible and timely national statistics. At MfI, we are dedicated to producing data for socio-economic development. Achieving this is by no means a low hanging fruit. This is why we use a blend of grassroots approach and partnerships with NGOs, CSOs, and government MDAs to not only produce data to track progress but to identify opportunities and provide direction for the future. We want to provide better data for better lives.

We can do it together!

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With our organization’s mission always in mind, we strive to ensure data is put into good use, project planning and coordination contribute to efficiency and effectiveness; we find new strategies for dealing with the country's data challenge. We work with government and non-governmental
organisations to advance the use of data for
decision-making, increasing
access to data and promoting data openness. Contact us to learn more about our commitment to this cause.



Building the capacity of M&E and project implementation professionals is a vital component of our work, we want to strengthen the
M&E capacity of government, to more effectively
use the data they have and also be in an enhanced capacity to track valid data through service delivery. We strive to achieve this by conducting trainings, developing and sharing resources, organising conferences and workshops. We are always striving to make a difference, and invite you to learn more and lend your support.

We can do it together!

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Mustapha Kanu - CEE, MfI


Freetown, Sierra Leone

+23279 646262

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